What is the Armacell-Premium Rewards Scheme?

The Armacell-Premium Rewards Scheme allows registered members to collect iBonus points and redeem them against rewards. All insulation contractors based in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands can participate.

How do I register for the Armacell-Premium Rewards Scheme?

To take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Armacell-Premium Rewards Scheme, please register via the Internet. To do this, please click on ‘Registration’ at Fill in the form and click on the button ‘Register’. You only need to register once. Shortly after successful registration, you will receive e-mail confirmation with your user name and password. When you visit again, just enter your user name and password to log in.

How do I alter my e-mail address, my password and my personal details in the Armacell-Premium Rewards Scheme?

If you would like to alter your access data (e-mail address and password), please click on the menu item ‘My profile’. Here you can change your access and personal data at any time. We will adopt your changes and send you an e-mail as soon as the alterations are in the system.

Have you forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, please identify yourself through your e-mail address. Your access data will then be sent to you at your registered e-mail address immediately.

Would you like to redeem the points you have collected?

Whenever you log in with your user name and password you can view your current iBonus points balance above the navigation bar or under the menu item ‘Redeem code’.

Would you like to collect iBonus points?

The iBonus codes can be found on the packaging of the following products:

AF/Armaflex sheets,
AF/Armaflex sheets, self-adhesive,
AF/Armaflex tubes,
AF/Armaflex tubes, self-adhesive,
AF/Armaflex tape,
Arma-Chek D tape,
Arma-Chek D, sheets & tubes,
Arma-Chek R, tubes,
Arma-Chek S+ Band,
Arma-Chek sheets,
Arma-Chek tubes,
Armaflex Protect sheets,
Armaflex Protect tubes,
Armaflex Ultima sheets,
Armaflex Ultima tubes,
Armaflex Ultima tapes,
HT/Armaflex sheets,
HT/Armaflex tubes,
HT/Armaflex tape,
NH/Armaflex sheets,
NH/Armaflex tubes,
NH/Armaflex tape,
SH/Armaflex sheets,
SH/Armaflex tubes,
SH/Armaflex tape.

A 9-digit iBonus code can be found on the labels on the packaging of these products. You can redeem this code at After you have entered your access data, you can enter the numerical code under the menu item ‘Redeem code’. These points will then be credited to your points account automatically.

You will find the iBonus points on the labels of selected Armacell products.

Would you like to redeem the points you have collected?

You can receive your rewards via the registered company as soon as you have collected the number of points required for the reward you have chosen. Click on the menu item ‘Rewards’ at and select your reward from Armacell’s reward range. Please use the online reward shop for your order. After you have selected and ordered your reward, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your order. The rewards can only be sent to the registered company address. You will not have to pay for postage.

Would you like to cancel your order?

If you have selected the wrong reward by mistake, you can stop the order process at any time. If you have already sent your order, please send an e-mail confirming the cancellation of the order immediately to the address which sent you the order confirmation.

Would you like to know the delivery period for your reward?

Your reward will be dispatched within a few days to the appropriate company address. We will notify you by e-mail as soon as the reward has been dispatched. Please note: The availability of the rewards may vary depending on the date, season or other reasons, and individual rewards may not be available at certain times.